Affordable Houston wedding cakes are a reality at Delightful Cakes!

Delightful Cakes is a family owned establishment located in the heart of Houston, Texas. We specialize in the creation of stunning and delicious custom-made cakes.  We love making confections to fit any celebration, from weddings, birthdays and Quinceañeras, to gorgeously sculpted 3-D cakes, as well as cakes for special occasions and events.

Our affordable wedding cakes, are carefully and artfully designed. We pay close attention to every detail in your cake, from ingredients to the final touch. That is why we create our own flowers and decorations by hand. Your cake will never be a cookie-cut replica or mass produced!

At Delightful Cakes we baked our cakes with the finest and freshest ingredients in the market. We strive to provide high quality cakes free of preservatives, fillers, and cheap ingredients. Each of our cakes are carefully prepared from scratch according to our client’s specifications and unique requirements. An awesome cake is a Delightful Cake!

All of our cakes are not only Delightful but affordable as well. Having the cake of your dreams shouldn’t break your budget! Our prices guarantee that you will be just as happy as the one who receives our cakes!

Each cake baked at Delightful Cakes is carefully designed in accordance to our clients wants and needs. During our one-on-one consultation, you will sample our cakes and fillings, and will see inspiring pictures of our cakes.  We work diligently to ensure that your unique cake is as gorgeous as it is delicious!

Finding us is easy! We are located near Galleria at the Bridal Connection Mall. We honor your time and understand that selecting your special cake requires our full attention. For this reason, we work with our clients by appointments only to provide our undivided time.

Wedding Flower cake

Delightful Cakes: Houston affordable wedding cakes!